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To become a transformational provider of virtual post-secondary education focusing on biomedical science courses.


To empower students to become active, independent learners who strive for excellence, appreciate the value of digital technology in education, understand the importance of life-long learning, and are prepared for an ever changing world.


Academic Tutoring is committed to the values of academic excellence, ethics, and integrity.


    Our Program Offers:

  • A free, in-depth, initial assessment to evaluate the student's educational needs in order to create an individualised plan.

  • Research-informed teaching practices, with lessons designed to address the student's specific needs taking into account their learning style.

  • A spiral curriculum approach which will comfortably take the learner from where they are to where they need to be.

  • Teaching of study skills and exam technique.

  • A wealth of educational materials, as well as ebooks free of charge.

  • Free academic advising on university course options for pre-university students, and graduate programme choices, as well as career prospects, for university students.

  • Competitive tuition fees.

  • A highly experienced and qualified teacher to deliver instruction, and guide the learner, step by step, all the way to success!

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